FROM THE GOVERNOR’S MOUTH: Kasich Defends Illegals as ‘God Fearing’ and ‘Family Oriented’

Written by Julie Prince on August 14, 2015

The field of presidential contenders is saturated with everyone but the local garbage man. This election is perhaps the most crucial, considering that Obama and his incompetent and devious administration has all but destroyed what our Founding Fathers so thoughtfully built for free Americans.

There are a number of hot button topics that are plaguing our great nation that voters are not willing to compromise on nor bargain for. If a candidate stands for Common Core, you are out. If a candidate stands for the expansion of medicaid (an arm of Obamacare) you are out. If you stand for big government policies, you are out.

Perhaps one of the most contentious issues that has taken center stage and has become the focal point of this election is illegal immigration. The debate has raged on for years now about if and when to secure our borders and what to do with the over 11 million illegal aliens who have unlawfully taken up residence in our countries by flooding our borders.

Many 2016 Republican candidates support some kind of amnesty including the Dream Act, or have at the very least flip flopped their position on the subject. Chris ChristieMarco Rubio (part of the “Gang of 8”), Jeb Bush,  Scott WalkerCarly FiorinaLindsey GrahamRick Perry, and Ben Carson. Perhaps one of the biggest supporters of illegal immigration has been John Kasich

Kasich supports a pathway to a legal status and says that these illegals are “people who are contributing significantly” to the nation. Kasich has also said,”A lot of these people who are here are some of the hardest-working, God-fearing, family-oriented people you can ever meet” and vows to help people “living in the shadows”, including the mentally ill and drug addicts.

Kasich has been arrogant and a matter of fact when he tries to defend his positions, so much so, that he somehow thinks he speaks for God over the matter. In a rather disturbing video, Kasich explains his justification on his egregious decision to expand medicaid to reporters saying,

I respect the fact you believe in small government. I do too. I also happen to know you’re a person of faith. Now, when you die and get to the, uh, get to the, meeting with St. Peter,he’s probably not going to ask you much about what you did about keeping government small, he’s going to ask you what you did for the poor. Better have a good answer.

Using religion as a reason for adopting an arm of Obamacare for your state is not just desperate “reasoning” for a policy the majority of Ohioans didn’t want, but it makes him look, for a lack of better words, like a jerk. 

Kasich is also a staunch supporter of Common Core, another huge strike against him, not just among conservatives, but the base as well. 

Voters will have to take a long hard investigative look at the candidate they are thinking about backing. Knee-jerk reactions over a few good talking points or who can shout the loudest isn’t going to muster the strength that it will take to turn the country around. The stakes are too high to accept “better than the alternative” and if a true conservative doesn’t win the nomination, this will be the last chance to save our beloved America. Grandparents will be saying to the next generation “the country we once knew”, something patriots are just not willing to let happen.


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Julie “Jules” Prince has been a Conservative activist, published writer and entrepreneur for over 20 years. She is the founder of, a Conservative news site and political organization that includes her blog the Raven Files. She is the host and producer of the edgy Conservative talk radio show “Warrior Nation” featured on Blogtalk radio Thursday’s from 7-9pm. Jules fights for the advancement of Conservative ideology and the principals of our Founding Fathers, with an undying love for America, what it was founded on and saving it from the destruction of the Progressive agenda.