GREG GUTFELD: Rips A New One to Pro-Choicers and We Love It

Sometimes you really just can’t explain something the same way that Greg Gutfeld so eloquently does. Gutfeld holds back no punches with the pro-aborts in this epic rant.

“You already admit what was killed has value. Or, it could not be wasted – unless you view the unborn as recyclable,” Gutfeld said. “In the old days, adults existed to enhance a baby’s survival. Now, adults use babies for their survival. It’s reversed.”

“You can always judge someone by their choice of outrage. When you’re more upset about the splicing of film than the splicing of babies, you’re what’s medically called a ‘ghoul,'” Gutfeld said. “But that’s your choice. How lucky you’re alive to have it.” (Fox News Insider)

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