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GUN OWNERS: Obama Said This Was His ‘Biggest Failing’

Obama said the lack of new gun-control laws was his biggest failing. Barack is too modest. He has massively larger failings than gun-control. Obama simply wants gun-control as a media distraction to his political failures. Obama is the biggest advocate of Big Government, and Big Government has failed on a massive scale.

Government is supposed to do those few things that citizens can’t do well for themselves. Big Government has served the politician instead of the citizen. Don’t look so surprised that elections have consequences. Let me show you a few of the consequences of Comrade Obama’s Big Government failures.

Guns are not the problem. We have crazy people wandering the streets because government at all levels refuses to provide mental health services.

Politicians ignore mental health for political reasons. The costs are high, and the political payback is small. Yet, of all the services that Big Government wants to offer us, mental health is one of the most obvious needs. It is almost impossible for you and me to privately treat the crazy person we meet on the street. And again, Big Government fails to do a decent job helping the mentally ill. It is too late to treat another schizophrenic once he gets a toy gun and commits suicide by cop. The shooting makes a great headline though, particularly if the shooting takes place in a movie theater marked as a gun-free zone.

In calling for gun-control, Obama chose a political solution rather than a real solution of treating the mentally ill. I know! We’ll call it gun violence.. and propose more gun control.

That is only a short term public relations stunt, but calling for more gun-control works for the politician and the news media… today.

We have massive government debt from yesterday’s political payoffs. Today we face a financial melt down. We have states and cities in bankruptcy. Did you forget that the cities of Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, the states of Puerto Rico and Illinois are out of cash? In every case, politicians promised more than the taxpayers could provide. Now, taxes rose with predictable results. Businesses and jobs fled those cities and states. Detroit is a ghost town. Chicago politicians wiped out their middle class jobs and the middle class voters! Now, the only people attracted to Chicago are illegal immigrants looking for handouts. That works for the politician, but fails the rest of us.

Open borders and an open ballot box threaten our democratic institutions. That isn’t a fault for the politician. That is a feature that serves some politicians very well. It also serves the main street businesses that want cheap labor and provide political kick-backs. Open borders really work… for the politicians.

We’ve watched the collapse of our once great medical system as Obamacare providers fail and raise rates. Big Medical and Big Pharmaceutical companies are now making huge political donations… because government is where the money is. Great job, Barry.

Big Government fails again and again. Government regulation leads to a long and painful downward spiral. Look at people struggling to find work in the Obama economy. Failed government policies tear this country apart! Politicians promise safety, but they really regulate for the crony political kickbacks that regulation provides them. If you don’t believe me, think about taxi cabs having to buy a million dollar permit to operate. That is one of the simplest examples of corrupt regulation.

The social costs of regulation go well beyond the private balance sheet of a failing firm. Government regulation causes failing companies, rising unemployment, rising addiction, broken families and a crumbling education system. Books have been written on each.

Obama is the biggest cheerleader for Big Government. Big Government worked as planned for the politicians. Today we are paying the costs for Big Government’s political success and its social failure. The real solution is more freedom and less government, but few politicians will ever admit that in public. There is no political payoff when they take less of our money and control less of our lives.

President Obama said he was frustrated by the lack of new gun-control legislation. Sure, President Obama would like to disarm the American public. Fortunately for us, Obama is working against a popular trend. More honest American are taking care of themselves as more government fails. We’ve successfully privatized our physical security by bearing arms.

That won’t stop President Obama from promoting gun-control. Gun-control provides a political distraction from President Obama’s real failures. It works for him.


Rob Morse

Rob Morse works and writes in Southwest Louisiana. He writes at Ammoland, at his Slowfacts blog, and here at Clash Daily. Rob co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast, and hosts the Self-Defense Gun Stories Podcast each week.

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