Written by Steve Pauwels on August 6, 2015

That the gore-drenched ghouls at Planned Parenthood (PP) found a hack California judge to temporarily shut down parts of the Center for Medical Progress’ video-exposé of their body-parts business shouldn’t surprise any informed observer. It’s the kind of jackboot tactic on which the baby-killing industry — most of secular Liberalism actually — thrives. That they managed it with such ruthless alacrity, however? There’s something gruesomely impressive about that. 

It’s quite the truth-quenching operation these legalized child-murderers have developed over there — with the Mainstream Media and lion’s share of politicians in tow. 

In some circles, it’s referred to as “the abortion distortion”: conventional rules, legal standards, manners of speaking and thinking are twisted into pretzels, or suspended altogether, in the pay of this homicidal surgical procedure, the unholy sacrament of contemporary, morally relativistic feminism. 

When it comes to anything even brushing up against the abortion topic, euphemism is the order of the day; and those who cringe at intrauterine mayhem, nonetheless, regularly put up with that arrangement. Truth-telling in aborto-world is snarled at as vulgar, tasteless. Don’t be bluntly discussing what we do, the atrocities we perpetrate. It’s bad form, you know. 

Plain-speaking and open communication of any kind decimate the pro-abort cause. Thus, the stilted, robotic language favored by every professional infanticide apologist — every one of them — when going to bat for their grisly cause. It gives new meaning to the expression “talking points”.

Thus, it’s not “abortion” but “menstrual extraction” or “choice”; not “aborted baby” but “product of conception”. “Partial birth abortion”? Never! “That’s inaccurate!” the aborto-defenders inveigh. (Although why it’s inappropriate for identifying the slaying of a child seventy-five percent delivered is beyond me.) 

Planned Parenthood’s dead-baby-pieces-bartering service? The Associated Press antiseptically frames it “the disposition of parts from aborted fetuses”. In the market for a pre-born infant’s head? The good folks at PP are just what the doc ordered — they’ll “evacuate an intact calvarium” for you! Needing an entire, undamaged aborted cadaver to experiment on? You’re in luck! “Intact specimens” are available! 

The mission of “reproductive freedom”’s mouthpieces is: Stick with the programmed lingo, keep everything as fuzzy as possible.

Thus, the hostility, common in the feticide camp, against ultra-sounds. They grow particularly agitated anytime that specific technology threatens to influence a potential client’s decision. 

Thus, the furor that’s sparked whenever disturbing images of aborted children are publicly displayed. Sure they’re gross — but the chopping-up of of little people unavoidably tends to be that way.

Thus, the frenzied campaign to discredit, and if possible squelch the distribution of, this remorselessly damning video footage. Planned Parenthood operatives are caught letting their hair down,  kibbitzing about selling fetal organs and tissue while munching on a lunchtime salad, vocally gushing about the Lamborghini their accumulating blood-money might one day buy them, or picking through the residue of a tiny, aborted victim while joshing, “It’s a boy!” 

Representative Diane Black (R-Tenn) aptly summarizes: the recordings “give us a window into the soul of the big abortion industry.”

“Clarity,” says columnist Dennis Prager, “is conservatives’ best friend.” So, if I might extrapolate: to Liberals — especially those of the abortion-enthusiast stamp — clarity must be a sworn enemy. That explains the cornered-animal look that flares in their spokespersons’ eyes whenever, inadvertently, their wind-up-toy rhetoric fails them and they land in a situation confronting them with the realities of their lethal enterprise.  Free-wheeling debate is not the only possibility that is verboten; the airing of any information which might energize concern for the unborn is similarly off-limits. 

Troy Newman refers to it as the industry’s “veil of secrecy”. Pay no attention to those macabre realities behind the curtain!

All this sanguinary-minded dissembling curdles even PP’s financial and record-keeping efforts. They’re a shell-game, carried out via an imaginative massaging of numbers which strains to cast their organization as redoubtable providers of “reproductive health care” (Hillary Clinton’s phrasing); and as Progressivism’s intrepid front-line troops withstanding “attack[s] [on] women’s health” (again, Hillary) — as anything, that is, other than what they literally are: a franchise of  human abattoirs.

Only a single-digit percentage of Planned Parenthood activities directly involve abortion services? False. National Review‘s Rich Lowry lays that bare: “an artifice and a dodge”. The corporation’s exertions are chiefly about preventative care, mammograms, screenings, etc.? Nope. “[A] completely calculated fabrication,” slams Michelle Malkin. Without a Planned Parenthood office beckoning invitingly from every street corner underprivileged women needing medical attention will be stranded? Patently preposterous. There are thousands of non-abortion-entangled alternatives available across the nation. 

Let these data gems sink in: 30-40% of all pregnancy terminations in the United States are procured through PP’s tender ministrations. Abortions account for half their health services revenues, roughly 330,000 performed annually. 

When exposed to the scabrous details, the American public – normal people who’d recoil at exposure to what’s really going on behind the tightly-sealed doors of your friendly, neighborhood “pro-choice” slaughterhouse – would blanch at the notion of underwriting this outfit with their tax-monies, or even at abortion in general. So, it’s not just helpless babies Planned Parenthood is compelled to hack to pieces and flush away (at least when not selling them). They target transparency as well. That’s been their shadowy status quo for decades. Planned Parenthood’s video excrescence is merely the latest – albeit particularly abominable – reminder; another opportunity to catch a peek behind that curtain.

Image: http://eatmedia.blogspot.com/

Steve Pauwels is pastor of Church of the King, Londonderry, NH and host of Striker Radio with Steve Pauwels on the Red State Talk Radio Network. He's also husband to the lovely Maureen and proud father of three fine sons: Mike, Sam and Jake.