IRONY: Romney the Loser Tries to School Cruz, We Think He Should Can It

Published on August 3, 2015

This is kind of like Rosie O’Donnell schooling chicks on how to win beauty pageants.

By Bob Bennett, Instigator News

Mitt Romney, loser extraordinaire, slammed Ted Cruz for saying this:

“If this deal goes through, the Obama administration will become the leading financier of terrorism against America in the world.” He also said:

“I’ve heard this referred to before as the ‘Jihadist Stimulus Bill.’ ”

Romney tweeted that Cruz is “hurting the Cause”—meaning the cause to stop the Iran deal. Guess he doesn’t know that’s just about impossible, after the passage of Corker-Cardin, months ago; now it’ll take two thirds of both chambers to do it.

But: is what Cruz said not absolutely, incontrovertibly true? Lifting the sanctions gives Iran billions to promote terror—their country, if you can call it that—is the planet’s chief sponsor of terror. And their mission is the dissemination of their terror revolution throughout that planet. Iranian influence is already in our own hemisphere, in Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela; Iran and Hezbollah in Peru. Oh, yeah: their other mission is “Death to America.”

It’s not enough that Karl Rove was smearing Trump for speaking out on Fox, the other night, with that blasted whiteboard of his. Not enough that the other candidates (excluding Carson and Paul) are lambasting Trump and Cruz; it’s not enough that Fox News and the WSJ criticize the only candidates who address the issues that really upset America.

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