JEB LOVES JORGE: Thinks Univision Heckler Deserved ‘A Little More Respect’

Published on August 28, 2015

Jeb Bush doesn’t think that reporters need to respect others during pressers, apparently.

After one of those town hall events where Republican presidential contender Jeb Bush tries to prove he’s not a “low energy person” by acting like a desperate camp counselor trying to excite a bunch of kids who are smarter than him, Bush told reporters that grandstanding, leftwing Univision anchor Jorge Ramos should have been “treated with a little more respect” by Donald Trump.

Trump, the current Republican frontrunner (by a mile) had Ramos removed from a press conference Tuesday night after the leftwing activist became hysterical. Without being called on, Ramos stood up and started heckling the billionaire businessman. Trump, who kept his composure throughout, repeatedly tried to cool The Sell-Out down, but he just kept yelling.

After Ramos was removed and calmed down, Trump allowed the activist back in and took two rounds of questions from emotionally unstable Univision anchor.

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