JINDAL: Slams Jeb for Endorsing Amnesty for Illegal Aliens

Published on August 1, 2015

Bobby Jindal just called out Jeb Bush and it’s awesome.

On CBS This Morning, Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal criticized former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush for endorsing amnesty to all of the illegal aliens who broke into the country and live here in defiance of our laws.

The hosts first tried to get Jindal to denounce GOP frontrunner Donald Trump for declaring that Mexico is sending criminals such as rapistsmurderers, and drunk drivers across the border: “Do you think he should be in this race? What about his comments that he’s made?”

“Look, I think anytime the donors in New York or the smart people in D.C. try to clear the field or pick a candidate, it never works,” Jindal said. “I trust the American people. I think the voters are getting serious. They’re starting to pay attention to this race. I think they –”

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“But he’s leading in the polls!” the host interrupted. “Amongst Republicans!”

Jindal explained that voters felt deeply betrayed by Republicans in Congress who, after campaigning against President Obama’s illegal deportation stay for minimum of five million illegal aliens, also known as executive amnesty, voted to fully fund it shortly thereafter.

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