KRAUTHMMER: Hammers ‘Delusional’ Obama Over His ‘Death to America’ Speech

Guess who Obama is comparing to terrorists….again?

Even for a man who’s spent six years demonizing his political enemies, President Obama’s speech Wednesday comparing Republicans to Iranian hardliners chanting “death to America” was a new low.

That was the message Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer brought to “The Kelly File” Wednesday night as he slammed Obama for ideological ignorance.

It was Obama, Krauthammer said, who really made “made common cause” with the Iranian hardliners who are dead set on their country obtaining a nuclear weapon.

“How can you negotiate if you have no conception of the real ideology and intentions of your enemy?” he asked.

But the greater concern, Krauthammer said, is that Obama seems to be “delusional” in not seeing that the people leading the “death to America” chants are the Iranian leaders and mullahs.

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