LYIN’ MUSLIM CLERIC: Denies He Used Ashley Madison Even Though They Have His …

Published on August 24, 2015

Another once bites the dust thanks to the Ashley Madison hack…but this time it’s a Muslim cleric.

A prominent Islamic preacher named Hamza Andreas Tzortzis says his personal information was leaked in the recent Ashley Madison hack – but insists that he’s never used the adultery website.

Tzortzis, who sympathized with a group that called for an Islamic “caliphate” as recently as 2010, wrote in a Facebook post that his name, address and bank card details were among the millions published last week,the U.K.’s Express reported.

“This is an obvious case of fraud. My email address (this website doesn’t verify emails and all the relevant emails went to junk) can be found online and so can my address, as it is linked to my business account, which is registered online. My date of birth is known from either previous lectures or Facebook,” Tzortzis wrote.

The Facebook post is no longer visible but one Reddit user archived the post here.

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