NEW WEIMAR REPUBLIC ON THE WAY? Investing in Gold, Silver–or Brass and Lead?

Written by Larry Usoff on August 17, 2015

This and that…

It’s being floated as a possibility that the detainees at Guantanamo Bay prison may be sent to prisons in America.  Let’s look at this logically.   First, these prisoners, and that’s what they are, are among the worst of the worst.   Were they, somehow, to be released into whatever society would take them, it wouldn’t be too long before they would be either on the battlefield, or planning battles against our military and our allies.

Oh, speaking of that…do we really have any allies left?   I digress. 

Second, once on sovereign American soil, even though they were in prisons, these die-hard terrorists would begin converting their fellow prisoners and, if you didn’t already know it, that’s where a lot of converts to Islam come from.   Third, and this is what scares the you-know-what out of me and lots of others…some do-gooder in the DOJ might figure out a way to hold a civil trial for these men and they might actually free some of them!  That is simply not acceptable and if we had a true leader in the Oval Office, the prisoners would have had trials long ago, most likely found guilty and executed…which would be my choice…but we don’t have a leader, we have another Muslim in the White House.

Planned Parenthood…now there’s an interesting group.   The name actually is a misnomer in my book because they really don’t seem to care about parenthood at all.   What does interest them the most are abortions and selling body parts, or so it would seem.  Now, as for abortions, I don’t think I’ll ever have one, being of the wrong gender, so my voice on that should be mute.  Selling body parts…that’s a different story altogether and it begs the question of why they are using body parts from allegedly “living” babies, when it was just last year or so that stem cells from laboratories were being touted as being able to reproduce any body part?   It’s a mystery to this old fogey.

Gay marriage.   What’s the big deal?   I’m a heterosexual but if I was a gay person would that really be anyone’s business but my own?   Does a gay couple getting married in Massachusetts, as an example, strike fear into the hearts of people in Colorado?   If Joe Blow wanted to marry his dog, or a tree, or his car…does it really affect the security of the nation?   I think not.   Where the line might be drawn would be if close family members married each other, because of the supposed(and I’m not sure about this) mental problems that might ensue.  

Personally, I served with gay guys in the Navy, and they weren’t “flamers”…they went about doing their job the same as everyone else, and what they did ashore was their business.

There’s a lot of chatter on the internet about a coming financial crisis…that the US dollar will be replaced on the world market as the “go-to” currency.   If that occurs, this current administration could be the cause of it through dumb negotiations with folks that used to be our friends, the decimation of our manufacturing industries, and the downright throat-cutting of our coal industries.   As the currency crisis grows nearer, the commercials on TV for gold and silver get more frequent.  Think about it, if the dollar is not going to be worth anything, or very little, doesn’t inflation follow right behind that? 

Think of the Weimar Republic in Germany, where you brought a wheelbarrow full of money to buy a loaf of bread…or so I’m told.   Logically, at least to me, once inflation sets in, can anarchy be far behind?   I don’t think so.   My investments in precious metals would be in brass and lead.

A few words now about Jade Helm…you remember that, don’t you?   It’s been called the largest military exercise inside the United States since World War 2.   We’re told that it’s purely symbolic, that the nation should be prepared.  Ok, we’re preparing, but for what?   The way Jade Helm is set up it seems as though they are preparing for urban warfare in this country.   A recent article that I saw said that elements of Jade Helm  Martial Law Forces Are Completely Occupying Every Corner of America, and there will be more to come on this as it becomes available.  

How is it that Americans are more interested in the NFL draft, or the latest goings-on in Hollywood than they are in the security of the country?   Oh, wait…America has been lulled into this trance-like state by the administration telling everyone that we’re more loved, more secure, and more prosperous than before it came into power.  Folks, that’s hogwash, and you know it.

Recently, Seattle, enacted a law that calls for a nickel’s tax on every round of ammunition sold.  This same law requires that a lost, strayed, or stolen gun must be reported within 24 hours.   So, looking at this logically, by putting more constraints on legal gun ownership they expect gun violence to diminish…is that right?   Anyone that thinks like this should take a look at Detroit, Chicago or our nation’s capital where gun laws are very strict, but the murder rate with firearms is higher than average.   An armed populace is less likely to be taken over by a dictator…remember that.

Larry Usoff, US Navy Retired,  


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