NO GUNS FOR THE ELDERLY? Another Step toward Emulating Hitler’s Germany and Stalin’s Russia

Published on August 1, 2015

by Les Weaver
Clash Daily Contributor, on 07/19/15 published a frightening article, [1]  The opening sentence is herein quoted: “Retired US Army General and the former Supreme Allied Commander of Europe for NATO Wesley Clark advocates rounding up “radicalized” and “disloyal” Americans and putting them in internment camps for the ‘duration’ of the war on terror.”  Let us add that after retirement from the Army, Clark also ran for President on the Democratic, (progressive) ticket and continues as a top advisor to this Administration. 

To continue to the last two paragraphs of the referenced article: 

Clark’s remarks reveal the mindset of the upper echelon of government. Those who disagree with the government are now to be rounded up and shut up indefinitely in political internment camps. 

Mass internment of official enemies on par with Nazi Germany and Stalin’s Soviet Union is now “on the table” and openly discussed as suspicious attacks and FBI orchestrated and grandstanded terror plots continue to grab headlines and build a reactionary consensus as the designed result of an incessant, decades-long propaganda campaign.

By itself, this article would be easy to spin.  But to prevent being “Grubered” or watching one hand while ignoring the other; what else is being promoted?  On this same date, and others have exposed that: “The Obama administration is collecting vast amounts of personal data on Americans by race to create a huge database for the goal of “racial and economic justice,” according to a report by a fellow of the Hoover Institution at Stanford University” [2]. 

We also see yet another category to be labeled for special attention.  That is to remove the right for “certain” Social Security recipients and veterans from exercising rights under the 2nd Amendment, [3].  Recall that this Administration also wishes to remove this right under the ruse that they may be suffering from certain but undefinable mental impairment.  Of course the details on who will and will not be tagged for “not allowed to own a gun” is totally subjective and government determined.  Here are some excerpts from the L.A. Times article: “The language of federal gun laws restricts ownership to people who are unable to manage their own affairs due to ‘marked subnormal intelligence, or mental illness, incompetency, condition, or disease’ – which could potentially affect a large group within Social Security.” The LA Times reported,

If Social Security, which has never taken part in the background check system, uses the same standard as the Department of Veterans Affairs – which is the idea floated – then millions of beneficiaries could be affected, with about 4.2 million adults receiving monthly benefits that are managed by “representative payees.

The ban, they argue, would keep guns out of the hands of some dangerous people, but critics argue “would also include people who simply have a bad memory or have a hard time balancing a checkbook”.

And last, this President continues to disarm our military stationed within the U.S. while arming and equipping civilian organizations that report to him through his Secretaries and other advisors, (tsars?).     

Now put this together and imagine a government computer search of the combined available data bases.  If you are someone that in exercising your first Amendment rights, disagrees with this Administration; are of a lesser than acceptable race; a veteran or on Social Security, (or any combination thereof);BINGO!  It’s off to the internment camp for you including any now disarmed, disagreeing military. And if you think this couldn’t happen, you either flunked history class or have not watched what “the other hand id doing”.  

History does repeat, particularly when leadership uses that past history as their textbook. 

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