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TED NUGENT: Responds To Cecil-Lovers…And It Is EPIC

We knew it was only a matter of time until Uncle Ted responded to the Cecil the Lion madness. He responds to the lion hunting critics in an epic way through a Facebook post. Check it out…

He posted this screed along with a picture of him lion hunting in Africa:

Here is a beautiful photo of me & my band with Cecil’s greatgreat grandpa, Fernando the lion. No, they are not holding him down while I perform unnatural acts upon the helpless creature. Afterall, everybody knows lions are helpless & cute. Just fyi, this pure natural legal proper scientificaly sound necessary hunt like all hunts was pure SPORT TROPHY MEAT FUN. Every sacred preciouos part of this animal was utilized. We hired 40 people on the safari, shared the meat, claws, skull, sinew, body fluids, teeth, blood, organs, skin, hair, tongue, eyeballs & each & every hard earned resource this magnificent RENEWABLE resource provided while bringing in critical massive revenues to the local economy while making room for new lions to be born & bringing value to valuable creatures. I dare idiots everywhere to point out what was wrong about this & all hunts. Fools are as fools be. Lion baby, the other whitemeat!

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