GAY BLACK KILLER: Said These Inoffensive Words Caused Him to Kill

Written by Rad Magnum on August 28, 2015

More details are emerging from the shooting of Alison Parker and Adam Ward earlier this week, and some of them are real head-scratchers.

You recall, early Tuesday morning an unidentified man shot and killed Parker, a news reporter, and West, a cameraman, while they interviewed a third person, who was critically wounded, live on air.

Thousands of people watched and listened in shock as the shooter killed Parker and West and critically wounded another woman who was being interviewed. Hours later, the attacker was revealed to be Vester Lee Flanagan (also known as Bryce Williams), a black, gay male. One police chase and suicide attempt later, Flanagan was declared dead that afternoon at a local hospital.

Flanagan’s Twitter feed suggested that he attacked Parker because she’d made racist comments, but case details are beginning to pain the picture that the truly sinister personality belonged to Flanagan himself.

What exactly were these racist remarks Flanagan was holding a grudge over? You’re going to laugh when you read this.

An internal report filed by a news director reveals one complaint Flanagan made was about being “out in the field.”

According to some of Flanagan’s former coworkers, “we would say stuff like, ‘The reporter’s out in the field.’ And he would look at us and say, ‘What are you saying, cotton fields? That’s racist.’”

Apparently, Flanagan was well known for attributing racism to things that very clearly were not racist. According to one man who had worked with him, Flanagan even believed the watermelon-flavored Slurpees at 7-Eleven were racist.

By the accounts of his peers, Flanagan was an off-kilter man who searched for reasons to take offense. On Tuesday, Flanagan got a little too wrapped up in his obsession with crying “racism!” The ones who paid the price, though, were Alison Parker and Adam Ward.

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