THE END IS NEAR: This Is What Happens When The GOP Only Caters to Hispanics

Written by Julie Prince on August 28, 2015

Here’s a question. Why is it so hard for elected officials to understand that Americans don’t want illegal immigrants to enter our country? Americans also don’t want any type of amnesty, either.

Donald Trump has become wildly popular, as misguided and mind-boggling as it may be, because he has recognized his business strategy. As a business man first, Trump has been able to see where the “Art of the Deal” will give him the top edge over his competitors. He uses the same tactic as he would scoring a building in downtown Manhattan.

Illegal immigration and our unsecured borders is an issue that many Americans are fed up with. Trump is shouting their language and, to his calculations, it’s working. Establishment Republicans have been so egregious in regards to our national security as well as spewing lies and empty promises, citizens are frothing at the mouth for their voices to be heard.

One issue that has been tossed out into the lions’ ring, is ending birthright citizenship. The deal is plain and simple: illegal immigrants children should not be given citizenship. That is reserved for citizens of our great nation, not for freeloading crooks who came here to suck off of our system.

Oh, yes, many will cry “racist” or try to give a sorrowful plight on how horrible that would be to break up families. Well, nobody is suggesting that we break up families because that would be cruel! I am merely saying that they all get sent back together to where they came from. Now, if they wanted to come back to the states and enter legally, then we could welcome you with open arms.

In part, the 14th Amendment states, “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.” This was originally passed to ensure slaves had the rights of other citizens, not for illegal aliens.

I am also of the belief that our country can be choosie when it decides who we make legal. Take the best and the brightest who will add significant value to our work force. Taking a civics exam and learning English are non-negotiable, for “When in Rome, Do as the Romans” should be automatic.

Many progressive talking heads want conservatives and base voters to believe that unless the GOP caters to the Hispanic population, they will lose the 2016 election which is a complete lie. What about the millions of American citizens who feel as though their wants and needs have been ignored by their elected officials? Don’t they matter anymore? This is the exact reason why Trump has surged to the top of the polls, because he is saying exactly what they need to hear.

Both establishment Republicans and progressive politicians can give the excuse that our system is “broken”, but none of them ever say how or why? Just because a Hispanic illegal or even a Hispanic citizen doesn’t like our laws, doesn’t mean we should change them or that they are somehow “broken”.

If the establishment Republicans betray the American people and their wishes on this issue (among others) it will be the end of the GOP and our country as we know it. Voters will stay home and you will be saying “Madame President” while your kissing your freedoms goodbye!


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Julie “Jules” Prince has been a Conservative activist, published writer and entrepreneur for over 20 years. She is the founder of, a Conservative news site and political organization that includes her blog the Raven Files. She is the host and producer of the edgy Conservative talk radio show “Warrior Nation” featured on Blogtalk radio Thursday’s from 7-9pm. Jules fights for the advancement of Conservative ideology and the principals of our Founding Fathers, with an undying love for America, what it was founded on and saving it from the destruction of the Progressive agenda.