THESE AWESOME HUNTING PICS: Are Being Deemed As Evil – What Do You Think?

Published on August 7, 2015

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According to the Daily Mail, these hunting portraits taken by photographer David Chancellor are ‘shocking’. We beg to differ and think that they’re awesome – what about you?

A harsh spotlight has been thrown on the industry of big game hunting in recent days after Minnesota dentist Walter Palmer sparked global outrage when he lured Cecil the lion to his death in Zimbabwe, stalking him with a bow and arrow before delivering a fatal shot with a gun.

When talking about the hunters, Chancellor says,

‘They all react so, so differently, depending on what they are hunting, where they are hunting. Some will cry, others pray,’ he told MailOnline. ‘People react in different ways, there’s no consistency between them at all.’

‘Hunters come from a complete cross-section in society,’ David explained. ‘I’ve photographed people in their trophy rooms who didn’t have a penny. Every cent they earned from their shop, or mechanics, who went on hunting trips, because that was their life and that was their passion.

‘I’ve also photographed people that, because they have so much money, think it would be fun to shoot a lion.’ (Daily Mail)

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