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THIS PHOTO: Of a White Cop and Young Black Kid Is Melting The Internet


Does this young black kid look like he is terrified of this evil white cop? Here’s what the mainstream media doesn’t want you to see.

JERSEY CITY — As he enters retirement, a Jersey City police officer is receiving a lot of positive attention on Facebook for a picture of him helping a young man on the street a few weeks ago.

On Thursday, Lashambi B. Moore shared a photo of Officer Charlie Casserly on Martin Luther King Drive with a local teen, wearing khakis a button-down shirt and sweater vest. The teen did not know how to tie his tie and asked Casserly for help.

“Charlie pulled the patrol car over, got out and spent nearly a half an hour teaching the young man how to tie a tie,” Moore wrote on Facebook.

The photo was taken on July 9, just before 10 a.m.

Moore told The Jersey Journal she took the picture because it was something good that she thought others would want to see.

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