THIS UNLIKELY LIB: Is Cheering On Trump’s Hatred For Being Politically Correct

Published on August 7, 2015

Whether you love or hate Donald Trump, this is something that people on both sides can agree on.

by Piers Morgan, Daily Mail

When I won Donald Trump’s first season of Celebrity Apprentice, he called me ‘vicious, possibly evil, arrogant and obnoxious’.

Last night, he created merry hell in the first GOP debate hosted by Fox News.

It was classic Trump: he was at times hilariously funny, brash and super-confident, combative and aggressive, and played both the live audience and the far bigger TV audience like a rock star.

Above all, he just refused to play by the normal rules of these things, as he has done since he declared his candidacy.

And let’s be honest, whether you love him or hate him, isn’t it fantastically refreshing to see someone stomping around the political arena who DOESN’T behave like a robotic, media-trained, timid little mouse?

Donald Trump may not be everyone’s cup of tea but with this hugely entertaining, deeply provocative campaign he is single-handedly destroying the modern cult of political correctness.

We live in an era now where every tiny slip of the tongue by a public figure is instantly torched by social and print/cable media to such ludicrous levels of hysteria that mere apologies often aren’t enough.

We’re only happy when the often accidental miscreant lies prostrate on the floor, weeping and wailing, begging for forgiveness whilst simultaneously resigning.

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