‘TOILETGATE’: Kelly Osbourne and Latinos

Written by Angel Rodriguez on August 13, 2015

A little over a week ago, Kelly Osbourne was on The View and she asked a question of Donald Trump: “If we get rid of all the latinos, who’s going to clean your toilets, Mr Trump.” This did not sit well with fellow cohost Rosie Perez, and clearly not with the latino community.

Since this happened, she has attempted to clarify and justify her statement. Rosie was forced to apologize to Kelly on the show and on twitter because she was being “too sensitive”. Rosie has since then not shown up for any more tapings, and had some words with the producers and executives.

Perhaps Kelly didn’t mean it in a racist way. Maybe she is not a bigot. However, ask yourself, how stupid do you have to be to make a statement like that on television? I have nowhere near the level of exposure as she does, and I have no handlers, yet I know not to say anything like that.

This makes no sense to me. Initially, I went after Rosie as well for not tearing her a new backside, but after learning the updates, I’m glad she did take a stand. Latinos do much more than clean toilets. That was a dumb statement to make.

Check out this video of her making the statement and my initial reactions!


Image: Screenshot from https://www.youtube.com/embed/N9hg0qPXm9o

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