TRUMP IS RACIST & ELITIST: And Other Insane Things CNN Talking Heads Say

Written by Andrew Allen on August 29, 2015

Last weekend, a talking head on one of CNN’s almost unwatched programs issued the dog whistle snark that essentially said Trump is saying what all other Republicans always say. Oh, really?

I don’t recall the last time Lindsey the Sham Graham said anything about illegal immigration other than supporting amnesty proposals.

There are nineteen contenders for the Republican nomination, each with a unique set of ideas and points of view. It goes without saying that CNN intended there to be a dog whistle effect with the comment – Trump says what he says. all Republicans say the same thing, and thus they are all racist, elites hell bent on returning America to the days of 1859.

What’s conveniently ignored in all this is that EVERY Democrat candidate for the Presidency since good ole Lyndon Baines Johnson pretended to champion the down-trodden “Negroes” (his term not mine, check out his speeches in which he pitched his Great Society program and essentially made them wards of the state along with anyone else that could be retained in the ghettos to vote Democrat) — every one of them made the SAME stump speech. They pitch ideas that haven’t changed in half a century.

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Andrew Allen
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