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TRUMP OFFICIAL: On Megyn Kelly ‘Bloodgate’ – ‘Mess with the Bull, You Get the Horns’

She believes Trump’s responses to Megyn Kelly have all  been fair game. What do you think?

A Donald Trump official leading his political campaign in Iowa has said his attacks on Fox News host Megyn Kelly are ‘fair game’.

Tana Goertz, his campaign co-chair in the battleground state, said that she was not offended by Trump’s suggestion that Kelly asked him tough questions because there was ‘blood coming out of her wherever’.

Goertz instead said the abuse is part of political debate, saying: ‘If you mess with the bull you’re going to get the horns, sweetheart’.

Trump’s comments, made Friday night in a CNN segment where he also called her a ‘lightweight’ and ‘overrated’, were widely interpreted as a crude reference to Kelly’s menstrual cycle.

He has since claimed he was referring to her nose.

Goertz, whose association with Trump began when she appeared on season three of The Apprentice, told BuzzFeed News that she was ‘not offended’ by the statement, and does not think it is about her period.

She said: ‘You know with Mr Trump, he believes that he responds to men and women with equal intensity so you know Megyn was attacking him at the debate and he just fired back. It’s fair game.’

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