TRUMP: Says He’ll Kick Reporter’s @ss If He Doesn’t Do This

Donald Trump issued a warning to this reporter that caught everyone off guard. Here’s what the reporter ended up writing…

by Steve Politi, NJ

EDISON — He stepped out of a black SUV, wearing a blue blazer and a white “Make America Great Again” hat just as a golfer who made two holes-in-one in the same round was giving an interview.

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Who knew two aces would be the second wildest thing that happened at The Barclays on Sunday?

Donald Trump was stopped immediately at the front entrance to Plainfield Country Club for his first of more than a hundred (no exaggeration) selfies and then headed inside. He took another quick selfie with Eric LeGrand — “Eric! Great to see you!” he said to the stunned former Rutgers football player — and then set off to watch the golf tournament.

I have seen some unusual things on a golf course, including Tiger Woods returning to professional golf at the Masters after his made-for-the-tabloids sex scandal. Nothing tops this for sheer insanity.

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