TV REPORTERS SLAUGHTERED: If I Was A Reporter, I Would Want Protection

Written by Rad Magnum on August 26, 2015

Being a news reporter is not always thought of as a high-risk job, but often it can be. The dangers are obvious for reporters who stand in the middle of riots and hurricanes, but what about in everyday reporting?

Here’s a question for you: Should news crews be kept under protection? When a reporting situation is dangerous, such as live coverage from the streets of Ferguson, it would make sense to enlist police protection or hire security personnel. But what about in situations that are more routine?

As of today, NYPD is bolstering security by adding guards to its news media outlets. When you hear what happened, you’ll understand why.

Early this morning, when many Americans were brewing their coffee or still hitting the snooze button, news reporter Alison Parker, 24, and cameraman Adam Ward, 27, were fatally shot while reporting LIVE on television.

Gunman Vester Flanagan approached Alison and Adam and shot them during an on-air interview of an employee of a tourist destination. Thousands of people watched helplessly as Alison collapsed. They heard the gunshots and the screams and could do nothing. They even caught a glimpse of the gunman as Adam’s camera fell to the ground.

Some quick thinker at the news station switched the live feed back to the news desk in the studio, to the anchor who was just as stunned and speechless.

Police reports revealed that Flanagan was a former disgruntled employee of the news station. It took police several hours to catch up to him. Flanagan shot himself and is now in critical condition at a nearby hospital.

Police across the country are now evaluating what their role is in protecting news reporters.

Meanwhile, anti-gun rights activists are already capitalizing on this tragedy, shamelessly using it to the advantage of their own political agenda.

Here is the graphic video:

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