UH-OH, HILLARY CLINTON–’13 Hours’ Is Coming– and Could Spell Trouble For You

Written by ++++Allen on August 8, 2015

The blood on Hillary’s hands finally has a voice, so just when Hillary thought she might have escaped that whole lil-ol’messy situation known as Benghazi and seen the light at the end of the tunnel, along comes an Emeril Lagasse BAM moment, because drum roll please…Hollywood, yes Hollywood has just made a movie about the truth to the whole messy affair in the patriotic-hall-of-fame tradition of American Sniper.

If – and I have seen reviews of this film- the soon to be released movie, aka indictment of the Obama administration, is true to life — it should get pretty hot in D.C. Therefore one would hope that Americans will finally be outraged enough to react by storming the castle with pitch forks and torches to drag this administration, past and present, out for a tar and feathers ceremony before riding them out of town on a rail. Justice will have been served.

13 Hours is directed by Michael Bay of Armageddon and Transformers fame. So get ready for the silver screen presentation of what really happened in Benghazi; the only way – it seems — that the sheeple can comprehend the truth is by observing a re-enactment on screen in a darkened room while crunching popcorn. The film is sure to be filled with all the explosions and cinematic power that only A-list directors have at their disposal.

In the meantime, I wonder how many arm-twists and death-threats will be unleashed on the HillaryClinton20090611-5b041makers and investors to not release this movie to the public. Also rarely does big-money Hollywood go against the Democrats; let’s not forget lessons learned in Wag the Dog.

Hillary has anointed herself in the spilt blood at Benghazi and whatever other deaths she is directly or indirectly responsible for (let’s not forget Vince Foster.) After all, “What difference does it make?” Well, Hillary, the how and why makes a difference and this movie will show it.

Also it should make a huge difference to all of us about our four murdered Americans in Camel Country Benghazi: the powers that be are responsible and “they’ should pay the piper. 13 Hours release date? Just in time for the up-coming 2016 elections – Oh, yippee! The whole three-ring-circus thing should be interesting to watch.

As a side note, remember the Titanic? No one really cared about that ship except Bob Ballard — who discovered it — until the movie The Titanic made box office gold. I pray the same effect happens with 13 Hours.

Image: Screen shot, trailer, “13 Hours”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4CJBuUwd0Os

Image: http://aid97400.lautre.net/spip.php?article678

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