UNREAL: Veteran Was Forced to Paint Over His Mural In VA Hospital For Stupid Reason

Published on August 14, 2015

Thanks to the PC police, this veteran is being forced to paint over the beautiful mural he had previously made in a Colorado Veterans Administration Center.

A Western Colorado artist is being asked to repaint a section of his mural due to controversy over an image of the Confederate flag.

A beautifully illustrated depiction of American war history is painted on walls in the canteen in the Grand Junction, Colorado Veterans Administration Medical Center. The mural was created by military veteran and painter, Lee Bowerman, whom local donors commissioned to do the work on behalf of the veterans served at the Western Colorado facility. Spanning all American wars, from the Revolutionary War, to present conflicts in the Middle East, the mural is a reverent reminder of generations of heroes who sacrificed all in the cause of freedom.

Recently, the Civil War portion of the mural was blocked by a tall poster, after complaints were issued about an image of the Confederate flag. In an Aug. 13 interview with Watchdog Arena, Paul Sweeney, Chief of Customer Relations and Public Affairs at the Grand Junction VA, indicated that he did not know how many complaints came in about the Confederate flag, but that the decision to cover the image was firm.

“The decision was made that we would have to modify the painting, so we called the artist and asked him to ‘rework’ that part of the mural,” Sweeney said. He told Watchdog Arena that artist Lee Bowerman agreed to make the changes and that the current Confederate flag would be repainted as an American flag.

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