WHITE HOUSE: Empties Prisons for ‘Non-Violence’ – But It’s More Like for ‘Non-Whiteness’

Published on August 10, 2015

by Doc Holiday
Clash Daily Contributor

The equalizer in chief of these here United States of America has set forth a policy of correcting what he feels are racial wrongs by releasing people from prison. Personally, I feel that this is tantamount to treason. We are seeing this idea backfire in one way already and within the coming five or so years I predict we will see it in another much more devastating way. What am I speaking of you ask?

President Obama has allowed his Justice Department to ignore the safety of Americans around the country and forego the removal of illegal aliens that end up in various states of incarceration around the nation. Due to this we have seen an uptick in violent and vicious crimes committed against American citizens. Of course we all were shocked and dismayed when we saw the reports of Kate Steinle being senselessly gunned downed by an illegal alien who should have never been here. Kate was failed by liberal well wishes and attempts to pander. Just today I heard about a woman named Marilyn Pharis who was brutally tortured and sexually abused before being beaten to death with a hammer by an illegal alien who again was not detained by the federal government.

Next, you have the President throughout his time in the Oval Office releasing what he continues to call “non-violent” drug offenders. I would personally love to know how anyone considers a drug trafficker non-violent. If nothing else every dollar that they spend and make on their product is fueling a bloodletting in Mexico that is literally of biblical proportions. Add that to the fact that we know without a doubt that drug use and sales are giving financial support to Islamic Jihadists around the globe. Ninety percent of the world’s heroin is exported from Afghanistan and the proceeds go to the Taliban to kill innocent civilians and our brave men and women in uniform. Just consider that, nine out of every ten heroin users are funding terrorism.

However, the president doesn’t seem to care. He is continually releasing hardcore drug traffickers whose sentences he feels are too tough. No kidding, folks, some of these guys were doing life without parole for narcotics trafficking and now they are walking the streets in your communities.

This shows me that the President is so obsessed with race that he is now subverting the justice system and putting us in danger to force racial equality in the prison system. It is hard not to notice that almost all of those pardoned were African American. The President by his own admission is obsessed with bringing down the colonial power of the United States. That was the focal point of Dreams of My Father. Just as many state that George W. Bush was finishing his father’s wars in the Middle East, Barrack Obama is finishing his father’s war on American Imperialism. He is using illegal immigration and the drug trade to accomplish that.

Doc can tell you from experience that there is no such thing as a non-violent drug addict or drug dealer. There is also no such thing as acceptable illegal alien. Both pose a risk too high to abide as long as my family lives here. Why is it that the president didn’t see fit to release any white guys whose meth convictions have landed them in prison for life? I saw a documentary last night about a white man who is doing life without parole for three ounces of meth. Where is his pardon?

In closing let me tell you where it is. This man has his “white privilege” in the President’s eyes. It is the African American inmates who are locked up just because they were black. That is why they need B.H.O’s protection from all of us evil white folk. Plainly put, this administration refuses to look at their own statistics and admit that more African American’s are dealing drugs and that is why they are incarcerated at such a high rate. If you don’t believe Doc, just go cruise the nice side of town and try and score some crack. You won’t find it. We are suffering from political correctness and it is a cancer that is killing us. The latest symptom is drug dealers freed from prison and murderous illegals beating us to death with hammers.

Doc Out!

kilmer HolidayDoc is a graduate of a major Jesuit University where he studied Criminology. Currently he is beginning classes shortly to start working on a major in Emergency Management and Homeland Security from a major state institution where he lives. Doc is also beginning a career in law enforcement and is slated to begin his law enforcement positon shortly. Doc has a passion for writing, truth telling, conservatism, guns, hunting, outdoor survival and fishing. He was raised deeply conservative in the rural country of the Southeastern United States. To all those whom seek to challenge my wisdom, “I’m your Huckleberry.”
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