YOU WILL SUBMIT! HOA Monsters and the Idiots Who Feed Them

Written by ++++Allen on August 1, 2015

My husband refuses to live anywhere Nazi inspired neighborhood HOAs [Home Owners Associations] exist, so we don’t. Not that he wants to see cars in driveways up on cinder blocks, or see scary color trim on a neighbor’s house exterior either, but what we both crave is to live in peace. Which is nothing we had when our family – for six months — lived in an HOA concentration camp masquerading as a sub-division here in the Houston area.

We had just moved – in, relocating from blue beach Hawaii to uptight HOA-run Houston, where we encountered our first run-in with these neighborhood Nazis. Within our first week of arrival we took time out of unpacking while still surrounded by boxes, to mow our own huge castle house lawn. Yet apparently “they” didn’t like our edging job and were proud as pudding to let us know, via a knock on our door by the goose stepping blonde-brown-shirts. Hey, Blondies, don’t you have a casserole to bake? Gee sorry, we hadn’t noticed that our offensive grass had actually grown two inches over the L shape (12 inch) area in the concrete drive. Well thanks for showing us where the edge is and we promise we will never let it happen again…ever – Heil Hitler!

We sadly – soon after — moved out of our castle house in the Twilight Zone.

We now live in a rare HOA-free-zone of Houston and although no two eyed neighborhood monitors exist., there also does not exist cars up on cinder blocks and no grotesque colored house trim to be found (apparently homeowners can chose nice colors without HOA assistance, or rules.) Strangely enough, without an HOA, neighbors keep their lawns trimmed, no lawns are ever seen growing as high as some ones shins, because on any given day one can hear a lawn being mowed within ear shot. But also, if our yard-guy scoots around the grass edges there are no brown shirt HOA thugs salivating to pounce on our front door with a reminder of lawn etiquette.

So if you want to live free, and if that means that there might be a possibility to see cars up on cinder blocks… so be it.

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