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ANOTHER SLAIN COP: Signs That America As We Know It Is Going Down The Drain

On those rare instances when our schedules somehow align, which only happens once every six months or so, I try to have dinner with a friend of mine who is a police officer in Fox Lake, Illinois. And with one exception, our visits are cut short when he receives a call regarding a domestic dispute. It almost seems as if our visits were meant to end in this manner.

Fox Lake is probably best described as a summer weekend resort town, a place where the population swells when the weather allows for boating, barbecues, and beer, and not necessarily in that order.

And just like many other cities and towns, there are also a few permanent ne’er-do-wells, who unfortunately are the reasons why other residents keep 911 as a speed dial number.

Last week, Fox Lake Police Officer Lieutenant Charles “Joe” Gliniewicz became another police officer who was murdered in a string of deadly attacks against law enforcement personnel in a short period of time. With the murder of another police officer, one more family will never again celebrate another “normal” birthday, Christmas, Hanukkah, Thanksgiving, or even another dinner. How many children will wish that a murdered parent could watch them graduate, marry and start their own families, or become police officers themselves?

Although I never met “G.I. Joe,” his absence has shown just how big of a ripple effect that one person could have on countless others. And just like how he has done so much to help those people, there are many more who never who will never have an opportunity to meet him, and therefore never become a direct part of his ripple effect.

There have always been political, social, ethnic, religious, and other issues that have caused some people to try and divide Americans into isolated factions in the name of power and personal profit, but the efforts to divide us Americans over ethnic and economic boundaries over the last six years have been hard and ruthless.

From the “one percent,” to “white privilege,” to this subversive “war on police officers”, we have been pulled into different forms of class warfare by people who, instead of trying to make a legitimate, honorable living, choose to succeed by instigating the destruction of fellow Americans.

We have reached a period in time where politicians are not afraid to openly taunt and ridicule the very citizens whom they had taken an oath to protect by upholding and defending the Constitution. And, those same politicians are not afraid to split Americans in order to remain in office and fulfill their personal needs.

This division of Americans, especially the assault on police officers was not spontaneous. Instead, a deliberate erosion of American culture over time needed to happen. Out of all of the changes to our culture, the following are the most noticeable:

The importance of a shared identity and common beliefs as Americans has been downplayed.

While Ronald Reagan described America as “a shining city on a hill,” other presidents avoided acknowledging the balance that American history, American citizens, American culture and the Constitution have in protecting the future of the United States. For his pep talks, George H.W. Bush talked about some trivial and vague “thousand points of light.” And none of President Reagan’s successors ever seemed to emphasize the power that American citizens hold over their government.

There is an ongoing attempt to replace the concept of “love of country” with “love of government.”

When illegal aliens enter the United States, there is no effort on the part of politicians, bureaucrats, and activists who not only support the practice of breaking our immigration laws – but also support amnesty for those illegals as well – for those illegals to assimilate into American culture. Instead, those illegal aliens are encouraged to remain loyal to the countries that have not only abandoned them, but failed them. With millions of new residents with different loyalties to different countries within the same borders, that country will have no choice but to splinter.

The thought that incarceration is normal must be pushed into young minds.

While visiting Puerto Rico a few years ago, I drove by a woman with several children around her. These folks were standing in front of a jail while holding brightly-colored signs. Since such an unlikely gaggle would be staging a protest, it seemed as if I were witnessing a sad family get-together.

This sight made me realize that as a product of a failed education system and countless failed social experiments, we are at least into three generations that have been fed government-supplied hopelessness. And as one result, many of those “human experiments” believe that crime and prison equal survival. If someone is lead to believe that he or she must spend part of their life behind bars, then there is no fear of breaking the law, regardless of the crime.

With abortion and euthanasia, the beginning and end of life are subjective

For the sake of votes and campaign contributions, we have elected and appointed officials who have their own opinions as to when life begins. And with rationed healthcare a horrific reality, the point at which a life ends may be resolved with more opinions. Also, many of the people who are raised in hopelessness place no value on their own lives, or the lives of others.

Without the acknowledgment that a fertilized human egg, with his or her unique DNA is when life begins, and that a human life ends as a result of natural causes, there will be individuals who will take it upon themselves to be arbitrators in terms of when to end a human life. Coupled with the belief that prison is a necessary stop in their lives, the belief that the value of human life is subjective will help some people justify killing for their social causes.

The deadly assault against police officers is proof that if a militant faction is fed a little resentment toward an “enemy,” then that group will adopt and live by the philosophy that the end justifies the means. And for the politicians who refuse to acknowledge that America is a “shining city on a hill”, they will view the dead police officers and their grieving families as “bumps in the road.”

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Chuck Gruenwald

Born in Chicago and raised in northwest suburban Cook County, Chuck Gruenwald developed an unfavorable opinion of machine politics quite early in life. In addition to cars, electronics, law enforcement, and politics, Chuck enjoys writing, and is also a horse racing fan. He has recently written op-eds for