BOOM: 17yr. Old Catches POS Trying To Rob His Mom, What Happens Next Is Old School Awesomeness

Published on September 27, 2015

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This teen did exactly what he was supposed to do – and we love it.

A man who allegedly tried to rob a 17-year-old boy and his mother was pummeled by the teen with a tire iron on September 18.

When Polk County police arrived at the Sunco gas station the Friday the incident occurred, 17-year-old Nate Stewart told them that Luther Dunn, 32, attempted to steal their money by threatening them with a knife.

‘Give me some gas money,’ Dunn allegedly told Stewart who was sitting in his mom Kim’s car outside the gas station where his mother works, reports The Ledger of Lakeland.

Stewart and Dunn argued briefly before the teen ran inside to get his mom from the store.

When the Stewart walked back outside with his mom Dunn approached them with his shirt off and the frightened teen grabbed a tire iron from the trunk of his mom’s car and hit Dunn with it.

‘Nate picked him up, flipped him upside down and dropped him on his head. I thought he broke his neck, Kim Stewart told Fox.

‘I am very proud of him. I didn’t realize he was that strong though,’ said Kim Stewart.

Dunn, who was covered with blood when police arrived, said that he tried to grab the teen and that’s when the boy attacked him.

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