CAN YOU SAY, ‘DUH’: Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden & Dems Need Low-Information Voters

Written by Andrew Allen on September 27, 2015

There is a reason Democrats depend upon the uninformed to attain and hold on to public office — they haven’t found a way to circumvent the ballot box and use the courts to seize public office in a manner similar to the methods they use to involve the courts to circumvent legislative processes in order to change the law of the land.

Recently, I saw a television station in Greensboro, NC ask a question of a young woman attending a Bernie Sanders rally. It was reminiscent of the interviews reporters asked young Obamunists at his rallies in 2007 and 2008. Who can forget the young woman that said she was voting Obama because he was going to pay her mortgage and would pay for the gas in her car. Little has changed. The young woman cheerfully explained that her support for Sanders was rooted in his particular version of feminism.

I wonder if the young woman has any clue that Bernie Sanders once wrote an article that claimed women fantasized about being the victims of gang rape. What a shining example of feminism indeed.

Sanders isn’t the only one dependent upon a clueless constituency. Joe Biden is probably going to make a bid for the Oval Office once Hillary’s campaign completely falls apart. Forgotten are the numerous moronic statements Biden has made. Also forgotten are his blatantly racist comments. And the dozens of task forces he was made head of that produced nothing over the past seven years. What’s currently en vogue is his sorrow.

Don’t misunderstand. Everyone should feel compassion towards a father that lost his son. That’s not what is at issue here. What is at issue is his use of that tragedy as a stage prop in his bid for the White House. Just look at the political mileage he’s gotten out of a few heartfelt speeches. Not to mention all the pundits that have lavished praise upon the man for contending with grief while thinking about seeking promotion from the number 2 spot to the number 1 spot.

In other words, the image portrayed of Biden these days isn’t one of his record — or lack there of. Rather, it’s an image derived purely from our own emotions. Sure, everyone feels for the man. Empathy though shouldn’t determine electability.

For the uninformed though it does. That’s why the left depends on them.


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Andrew Allen
Andrew Allen (@aandrewallen) grew up in the American southeast and for more than two decades has worked as an information technoloigies professional in various locations around the globe. A former far-left activist, Allen became a conservative in the late 1990s following a lengthy period spent questioning his own worldview. When not working IT-related issues or traveling, Andrew Allen spends his time discovering new ways to bring the pain by exposing the idiocy of liberals and their ideology.