COLLEGE STUDENTS: Hang U.S. Flag On Their Balcony – Now They’re Being Threatened With…

Published on September 30, 2015

Only in Obamaland is hanging the American flag bad and stomping on it good.

SAN DIEGO – Two San Diego State University students are facing possible expulsion after hanging the American flag and other military flags on their balcony.

The students claim it is their freedom of expression, while the school argues the flags pose a safety issue.

Sophomore Cameron Box, an active duty Coast Guard member, and junior Connor Fenwick, an aspiring U.S. Army officer, said there is no better way to express their patriotism than hanging these flags.

“We’re just being proud of what we’re affiliated with,” said Box.

The U.S. Coast Guard flag, a U.S. Army flag and an American flag hang on the balcony of their SDSU on-campus housing. The school is not OK with it.

“They’re trying to say it’s a fire hazard, but it just doesn’t make much sense,” Box said.

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