COMBAT VET: Has A Message for Bowe Bergdahl – Brace Yourself for Prison Justice

Written by Omar Avila on September 16, 2015

Who could forget the coward Bowe Bergdahl? The US Army soldier who left his post, weapon and other combat gear behind when he walked away from his post that evening – perhaps to simply and naively mingle with Afghan villagers? Instead, he was quickly captured, then passed around among insurgent groups.

Meanwhile, some soldiers who had been in Afghanistan with Bergdahl began asserting that certain military assets – including helicopters, intelligence drones, and designated patrols – had been diverted to look for Bergdahl, resulting in unnecessary US casualties.

But casualties weren’t enough to save this coward’s life. Last year we had a prisoner swap for five Taliban members being held in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba; a controversial move involving the US military ethic of leaving no one behind.

Bergdahl has been stationed at Fort Sam Houston, SA since returning to America where he awaits trail. When convicted, he could face up to life in a military prison. He could also be dishonorably discharged, reduced in rank and have to forfeit all pay.

Now his lawyer has released a statement claiming Bergdahl is ‘in physical danger’ from his fellow soldiers who feel he betrayed our country and also pointed to ‘hatred’ from social media: ‘It is as if he had a target painted on him. It is preposterous for him not to be able to defend himself in the court of public opinion.’ He also said that it has been ‘open season’ on SGT Bergdahl.

What did Bergdahl and his lawyer expect from the community?

A once in a lifetime parade? A welcome home by the families of the soldiers who lost their lives trying to find him? Another promotion? Or maybe he was expecting the some sort of an award?

I can’t wait to see the day he gets convicted for being a traitor, coward and deserter, and ends up in a military prison. He’ll get the welcoming he deserves. Stop asking for sympathy on social media because you wont get any from the American people or the heroes who protect us everyday, and especially not from the families of those who lost their lives because of you.

For once, act like a man, accept your punishment, sincerely apologize to everyone for your actions, and be thankful that you’ll only get life in prison instead of the death penalty – because deep down inside, you know that’s what you deserve. If that will ever happen, believe me, myself and a ton of others would gladly volunteer in a heartbeat to be part of the firing squad.

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