DEAR MILITANT GAY ACTIVISTS: Here’s The Truth About ‘Same-Sex Marriage’

Written by Teri O'Brien on September 17, 2015

WARNING: This post contains material that may be considered offensive, even microaggression, to some readers. Please consider this statement your trigger warning. 

Dear Militant Homosexual Activists: 

As previously noted here, the Kim Davis matter has inspired some surprising behavior from many of you. Suddenly, you have become law and order advocates. As stunning as that fact is, even more remarkable is your discovery of the concept of sexual immorality, something that we always thought you believed was some sort of square, social construct designed to keep you and everyone else from having a good time. It was a little hard to swallow, no pun intended, the notion that people who have been telling us for decades that every orifice in the human body is a suitable receptacle for any and all appendages, despite outdated concepts like Biblical teachings and centuries of human experience to the contrary, that Kim Davis is some kind of skank because of her behavior in the bedroom.

I do not approve of, or even recognize, the existence of so-called same sex “marriage,” which I prefer to call homosexual marriage. When Twitter’s character limitations require it, I’m not above calling it “homo marriage.” Is that upsetting to you? Sorry, not sorry.

I am not intimidated by accusations that I am “homophobic.” “Homophobic” is just a word that you guys made up to imply that anyone who understands what is normal and natural,  and what is not, is suffering from some sort of mental disorder that manifests itself in irrational fear. It’s a tactic right out of the Alinksky playbook, designed to intimidate anyone who wants to point out that the male-female thing just works, and works really, really well. Even you militant homosexuals have to admit it. The parts fit together perfectly as designed. On the other hand, the homosexual thing? As the old song says, if it don’t fit, don’t force it, Boys.

In addition, the institution of marriage exists to insure a nurturing environment for the children that result from natural heterosexual sex. Until one of you can figure out how two guys can conceive a child in a rectum, no children will be conceived when two guys do the horizontal mambo. Oh, was that “mean-spirited?’ That’s another word you use to terminate the discussion. I’m not falling for it.

No matter what activist, black-robbed goofball Justice Anthony Kennedy says, there is no “right to marry” in the 14th Amendment, one of the Civil War Amendments, specifically enacted to protect the rights of newly-freed slaves. (There’s also no right to birthright citizenship in there, but I’ll leave that for another day.) That’s why it was exactly the perfect basis for the 1967 Loving v. Virginia decision, which struck down a law against interracial marriage. As for homosexuals, we all remember from history class the great Civil War fought for the rights of two 300-pound women with men’s haircuts and wide watchbands to call each other my “wife.” You don’t? That’s because it never happened. State laws against interracial marriage are unconstitutional. State laws regulating marriage in every other circumstance are not, or at least never were until Justice Kennedy and four other judicial tyrants, along with the little Anthony juniors in the lower federal courts, decided to impose their personal policy preferences on over 300 million people. 

You know what else? After all these decades, whining about your “right” to “marry”, you won, but what exactly did you win? The notion of homosexual “marriage” was made possible only by the near destruction of the institution by heterosexuals in the late 1960’s and early 70’s, when it became fashionable in some circles for men and women to “live together” without the need for a “piece of paper”. The Left’s 100-year mission required destruction of the traditional family, and the whole “let’s shack up because who needs that piece of paper” thing was a key component of that destruction. Once the stigma against shacking up and producing illegitimate children disappeared, marriage indeed did become less important, as many people jumped from bed to bed, referring to themselves as “single” because they were in between landings. Now that, for many, marriage has become the “piece of paper” that the Left described, what difference does it make whether two guys get “married”? Congratulations, homosexuals. You win, but what exactly is that win worth? That’s right. It’s the booby prize, a virtually meaningless status. 

“Meaningless?” you say. Hardly. What about all the tax and employee benefits? I concede that under the Marxist worldview that afflicts leftists, where economics is everything, you have a point, however, those ancillary benefits are not what makes marriage so important to most of us. And here’s something that you need to admit once and for all: those things are not what’s most important to you. For all the kvetching about unfair tax treatment, your inability to visit someone in the hospital, or the horror of not being able to share your “partner’s” employee-provided health insurance, those things are not the real reason that you want the “right” to “marry.” Those things could have been addressed in state legislatures without overhauling and redefining “marriage”.

I wish that, once and for all, you would admit the truth; specifically, that the reason you want to be “married” is to force the rest of us to accept that your behavior is normal, natural and the equivalent of actual marriage between a man and woman. Notice I specifically I address this letter to those militants. I believe that the vast majority of the 2% or so of the population who prefer to have sex with people of their own gender want to be left alone. That’s not the activists. You, and by you, I mean militant homosexual activists, want to get in my face and force me to take a position on their private behavior. Your desperation to have others bless your lifestyle is sad and pathetic, frankly. Why are you so desperate for the approval of other people?

What if it’s genetic? So what? Isn’t a propensity for alcoholism believed to be genetic? Does that mean it should be celebrated and encouraged? So much for “born this way”.

Now that you have achieved the “right” to “marry”, I hope that you can join the rest of us, including the majority of homosexuals, and, to use a phrase the Left loves, move on. Somehow, though, I think that’s just wishful thinking. 

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