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DONALD GRUMP: Public Funded ‘Sesame Street’ Gets Political

I can’t wait to see how Donald Trump reacts to this.

When it comes to parodies, Donald Trump has fallen victim to his fair share.

The Republican presidential hopeful has been mocked on Saturday Night Live and been at the center of satire on the Simpsons.

So when Sesame Street targeted the billionaire businessman, they didn’t hold back.

In the clip from the 2005 PBS cartoon, which has been posted on YouTube, he is portrayed as a garbage mogul who boasts that he has more trash than anyone else and mocks those around him who are less well off.

At the time his show, The Apprentice, was at the peak of its popularity. NBC cut ties with the businessmen following his controversial comments about Mexicans earlier this summer.

During the episode titled ‘Grouch the Apprentice’, he sits in a trash can singing: ‘I’m Donald Grump and I have more trash than any of yous so, na na na na na.’

With a bright orange coiffure, stuck up as highly as in real life, he is introduced as someone who has the ‘most trash of any grouch in the world,’ and has his ‘name on every piece of trash in town.’

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