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GERMANY SECURES BORDERS: After Watching These ‘Refugees’, You’ll See Exactly Why

Hmm, maybe there is a reason why Germany is closing their borders? And maybe Obama should take note and do the same, but I doubt that will ever happen.

Just weeks ago, Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel posed for pictures with anguished Syrian refugees and pledged to take in as many as 500,000 per year. But as Fox News reported, “uneasy critics inside the European power fear the huge influx could not only skew the nation’s demographics in a hurry, but could also include terrorists hiding among the war weary masses…ISIS has already said it planted jihadist fighters among the refugees, and some in Germany wonder why the terrorist army’s claims are not being taken more seriously.”

Now in a complete reversal, Germany has announced it is immediately introducing border controls in the south of the country, as announced Sunday by Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière. reports the government of Chancellor Angela Merkel claimed “urgent security reasons.”

And when you view this clip courtesy of LiveLeak, it all makes perfect sense. Do you want to invite hooligans with sticks, stones and hurling fists into your quiet cul-de-sac?

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