GLENN BECK: Has Gone Over The Edge With His Latest Conquest for These Refugees

Written by Thomas Holmes on September 16, 2015

by Thomas Holmes

Glenn Beck’s march towards becoming the next Moses, Martin Luther King and Oskar Schindler all rolled into one doughy, pepper-haired, martyr just took giant leap forward. Beck recently declared his readiness to suffer jail if it means he can illegally bring Syrian refugees to the United States. Beck elaborated on his messianic wet dream in an interview with Ginni Thomas.

“I asked if my audience could raise $10 million before Christmas to bring the Christians in from Syria,” Beck explained. “We can save more people by Christmas than Oscar Schindler saved.”

It certainly begs the question of how Oskar Schindler ever succeeded without Kickstarter.

Beck goes on to announce that he “has former CIA people” working directly for him vetting potential refugees right now. I can’t be the only who sees the insanity of this, right? I can’t be. Private citizens acting as their own government to direct the lives of others isn’t something you find in most martyr’s resumes. On the other hand, ignoring the law to support illegal immigration seems to be the priority of the current president so maybe Beck won’t have “gladly grace jail” for his cause after all.

The real problem here is Beck wrapping himself and this issue in an enlightened heavenly robe to justify suspect politics and what is clearly a need to be seen a somebody’s savior. Yes, Oskar Schinlder may have broken his country’s laws in order to save lives, but that precedent alone doesn’t justify Beck’s insistence he gets to ignore the law because he must be achieving the same good. He’s not. Beck’s public gesticulations and challenge to his audience to raise his funds – something history’s real martyrs wouldn’t even recognize – betray him as the grandstander he is one this issue.

Beck may be convinced his motives are pure but his actions rings less like God’s chosen savior and more like cable access tele-evangelist.

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