GOP HEIGHT FIGHT: Jeb Bush Tries to ‘Stand Out’ – Fails Miserably

Written by Rad Magnum on September 17, 2015

Did you watch the debate last night? Here’s a little gem I bet you missed.

We all know image plays a role in presidential elections. To win an election, a candidate’s physical appearance can make just as much difference as his/her platform.

Fifty-five years ago this month, the first televised presidential debate took place. During the span of a single evening, a young and largely unknown JFK shot to fame. Why? Kennedy was camera-ready. With his suntan, dark suit, and measured composure, Kennedy stood out, while Richard Nixon blended in with the background.

Half a century later, the technology has changed, but the personality politics haven’t. In last night’s debate, one candidate did his best to make sure he stood out from the crowd of candidates during photos. You really have to see this for yourself.


Yes, that there is Jeb Bush, standing on his tiptoes. Despite already being the tallest in the group, Bush bounced up on his toes when photos were snapped so that he towered over his competition.

He also stretched out his arms so that he occupied more space in the photo than the other candidates.

Jeb Bush stands at a towering 6-foot-3 when he’s flat-footed. While there have been plenty of political figures throughout history with height insecurity issues, I wouldn’t have guessed Bush to be one of them.

More than likely, Bush simply decided gargantuan height would make him appear a more formidable candidate. Do you think it worked?

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