‘HATERS GONNA HATE’: FOX News Anchor Airs Bias Against Kim Davis

Written by Rad Magnum on September 9, 2015

Kim Davis was released from prison yesterday and was greeted cheerfully by a throng of supporters. As you’ll recall, Kim Davis is the county clerk from Kentucky who was jailed last week for standing up for her religious freedom.

Not seeking controversy or the media spotlight, Kim Davis nonetheless fell victim to both when she refused to affix her name to any marriage license for fear that her name would end up on certificates of gay couples.

As a strong Christian, Davis wasn’t about to let that violation of her religious beliefs happen. Not to mention, signing marriage licenses for gay couples would also be a flagrant violation of Kentucky’s state laws.

No matter. Kim Davis was sued by four couples, and from there, saw her religious freedom trampled by the court, resulting in her undue incarceration.

Meanwhile, openly gay Judge Tonya Parker of Texas refuses to officiate straight marriages because there “is not an equal application of the law” for gays. Funny, I don’t see anyone bringing lawsuits and handcuffs for Judge Parker.

Or, let’s talk about Sanctuary Cities, where city officials ignore federal laws by releasing illegal aliens onto the streets instead of handing them over to ICE. I don’t see any officials getting arrested over this unlawful misbehavior, either.

Talk about double standards! I guess behavior is only illegal if it’s unpopular.

Davis’s behavior was definitely unpopular with one particular FOX News commentator. Can you guess who it is? Watch the video below and see for yourself.


Openly gay anchor Shep Smith clearly was dying to put his personal spin on this story. Shep quickly dismissed Davis’s supporters as a “religious play,” downplaying the injustice dealt her. Later, he even denounced Kim’s supporters as limelight-seeking “haters.”

And then Shep really jumped off the deep end, comparing Kim Davis’s fight for religious freedom to Christians’ concerns over the proliferation of Sharia law in the United States. Sorry, what? I’m not even sure how Shep came up with that connection.

Sounds like Shep might be letting his own preferences color his journalism. At the end of the day, Kim Davis has both religious freedom and the law on her side, whether Shep likes it personally or not.

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