HOW WILL TRUMP RESPOND: To This New South Park Episode Mocking Him?

Written by Julie Prince on September 25, 2015

With the way Donald Trump has been spewing his vomitous rhetoric, it really comes as no surprise the the boys of South Park would make him one their prime targets. The adult cartoon is notorious for plot lines that are both raunchy and borderline mental, but this one may surpass them all.

Its creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, have an obvious enmity for the billionaire tycoon, holding back nothing in the finale episode. It attacked Trumps immigration policies and mocked his promises to build a great big wall. 

The episode entitled “Where My Country Gone”, targeted Trumps drum beating slogan “Make America Great Again” which he has touted without any real plan or substance on what that actually entails. 

Mr. Garrison, a character on the show who plays the teacher, decides he will run for president after South Park gets overrun by Canadian immigrants. After being fired from his job for calling them “Canucks”, he decides to run.

His running mate in the episode happens to me none other than Bruce Jenner. When asked by a CNN journalist how Garrison would handle the immigration issues he proposes that they f*** them all to death. He continues explaining his plan by explaining, “We round them up, pull down their pants and f*** them ’til their souls leave their bodies. Then we build a wall”.

This is an obvious jab at Trump and his stance on the border. The episode gets even more audacious as it continues. Garrison makes a campaign promise to “go into Canada and ‘f*** them to death in their home country”. Clearly referring to Trump’s cocky sparing words for Mexico. It is discovered that Donald Trump was elected as president of Canada that made Canadians flee to America.

Garrison invades Canada only to find it has been deserted and Trump being the only one left. Garrison beats up Trump and then rapes him to death. The Canadians rejoice and return back to Canada. 

Without going to far into the gory details, that’s it in a nutshell. Trump has made a mockery out of himself and has spared no expense on the classless remarks he has made toward women and his opponents, sounding more like a fifth grade bully than a POTUS. 

Trump is beating the drum the loudest at a time when people are vulnerable, fed up to the point that they would consider voting for a man who makes fun of a person’s looks instead of giving a clear plan, or any plan, on how he would reduce the national debt.

In the last debate, when Trump was asked about Obama’s “red line” it was abundantly clear that the Trump was stumped. In the ultimate “gotcha” moment, the Donald fumbled on his own words. When it comes to any issues where one would actually have to have knowledge on the subject, Trump’s comb-over falls flat. He just isn’t that smart.

It is doubtful he knows our Constitution or even how it applies and that’s a pretty big deal. When it comes to matters of business, building golf courses, or celebrity television? He’s your man. When it comes to saving our country from ultimate destruction? Not so much.

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