INVASION: You Won’t Believe How Many Mosques Saudis Are Building for Migrants In Germany

Published on September 11, 2015

The Saudi government refuses to take in any migrants, but are doing this for them in Germany. If this doesn’t prove that they are trying to invade Western countries, I don’t know what will.

The Saudi government will not accept any migrants from Syria, but it will build 200 Saudi-run mosques in Germany to hinder any social integration of the Muslims into Germany’s liberal and low-conflict society.

“The Lebanese newspaper Ad-Diyar first reported the offer last week, citing a request by a committee of sheikhs,” reports International Business Times. “Saudi Arabia also vowed to donate at least $200 million, according to the Lebanese paper, although whether that was to support the refugees or to build the suggested mosques was unclear.”

In Islamic traditions, which Saudi Arabia claims to uphold and enforce, Islam should be spread by jihad wars and by migrations, dubbed a hijra. By building mosques run by supervision of Saudi-selected clerics, Muslims in Europe can be kept under Saudi influence, and expand the faith though births and a continuing hijra. Turkey has followed a similar course by pushing for Turkish-run mosques and schools in Germany that would segregate the many Turks who have migrated to Germany, which is the birthplace of protestant Christianity.

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