JOBS FOR JIHADIS: How About School Bus Driver?

Written by Audrey Russo on September 2, 2015

Another school year begins across America. Besides the growing concern that parents now have regarding Leftist historical revisionism, Common Core and other assorted educational atrocities, it appears a parent’s concern may have to extend as far as who will be toting their little tikes to and from school…
Apparently, the attacks of 9/11 were enough to knock our collective brains out of our heads…according to FOX 9 investigators, the Minneapolis workforce program (taxpayers) helped a terror suspect (on the “no-fly” list) get his Class A license from a South St. Paul Truck Driving School, to the tune of $4,000. 
Amir Meshal, applied for a school bus endorsement, the Minnesota Department of Public Safety confirms, pending the outcome of a criminal background check.
So was the listing on the “no-fly” list a mistake? Not according to the Fox 9:

In May 2014, Meshal was removed from a Bloomington, Minn. mosque, Al Farooq, after he was suspected of radicalizing young people who would later travel to Syria. According to the police report, religious leaders said, “We have concerns about Meshal interacting with our youth.” Meshal had previously been asked to leave an Eden Prairie, Minn. mosque for similar reasons.

Homeland Security stated that, “It has been determined that you [Amir Meshal] are an individual who represents a threat of engaging in or conducting a violent act of terrorism and who is operationally capable of doing so.”

By the way, a Class-A commercial driver’s license permits Meshal to drive large semi-trucks that he can fill with any completely legal items he desires (but somehow, I’m guessing he will fill it with assorted illegal items, too).
Here are some reasons for concern for Mr. Meshal to be a school bus driver:
–He has been tossed out of 2 mosques for attempting to radicalize the youth.
–In 2007, he (a U.S. citizen of Egyptian descent) was arrested in Kenya by the FBI, believed to be leaving a terror training camp in Somalia.
–Since Meshal is devout, he will most likely agree with the Hadiths (traditions of the prophet) and see no problem with having sex with prepubescent children (pedophilia).

And, of course, the little problem of a Class A license holder who:
— The DHS strongly believes is a public danger.
— Was trained in a terror camp in Somalia (home to terror camps for al Shabaab, Boko Haram, etc., who are all aligned with al Qaeda).
— Can roam freely through out the country (especially under the faux victim status given to Muslims by the Left)…which makes his activities invisible to cowardly-PC elected authorities.

Which ALL spells danger for free people (especially innocent school kids). Since there have been almost 27,000 deadly Islamic terror attacks globally since 9/11…don’t you think it just might be time to personally bone up on what this totalitarian system, wrapped in religion, is all about?
Isn’t it time to elect leaders who will protect us from this volatile ideology, that seems to be able to suddenly change “moderates” into radicals (i.e. Fort Hood shooter, Chattanooga shooter, etc.)…when we least expect it…?
Shalom through strength…

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