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MIAMI PRIEST TO POPE: Why Condemn Capitalism, But Not Communism?

This Cuban-American priest isn’t buying Pope Francis’ crap about Capitalism.

Prominent Cuban-American priest, Father Alberto Cutié, questions Pope Francis’ apparently warm attitude towards the Castro dictatorship during his visit to Cuba this week, asking in a Miami Herald column, “Why do you so strongly condemn capitalism … but we never see an equally strong condemnation of atheist communism?”

Writing for the Spanish-language El Nuevo Herald, Father Cutié–a former television and radio host, who left the Catholic priesthood for the Episcopal Church to start a family in 2009–notes that while he is no longer in the Church, he feels a kinship to Pope Francis from being “part of the same labor of the Lord, with the same desire to see the Kingdom of God present ‘on earth as it is in Heaven.’” He presents his bafflement with the Pope’s visit to Cuba, in which he made only passing mentions to the rampant political oppression on the island, as three questions:

Why do you and other religion leaders condemn capitalism so strongly, and offer us a list of all the disasters that result from it on earth, but we never see an equally strong condemnation of atheist communism, which continues to cause the world so much harm? This inequality when the time comes to condemn appears unjust. […]

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