MORE GUERRILLA TACTICS: How To Promote Self-Defense In Our Culture War

Written by Rob Morse on September 26, 2015

We are in a cultural conflict where freedom is under attack on many fronts. I chose to talk about self-defense. This is the final part of a four part series. Parts one, two and three are here. Thank you for your comments.

Self-defense is more than a right we reluctantly tolerate. It is more than a private choice. In this culture war, people who love liberty should advocate for a better culture rather than watch as they lose their rights one by one. Self-defense is a virtue we want to actively support across our culture.

What would we do if we really valued self-sufficiency and self-defense?
— The United States is fragmenting into separate cultures. Entrepreneurs in pro-liberty states would open businesses to temporarily rent firearm to qualified visitors from blue states. That way, the non-residents can go armed when they visit “free America”.
— Movies would tell stories of heroic self-defense. Examples include-
** Passengers gang-tackling a terrorist on an airplane .. . or on a French train.
** A woman successfully defends herself from a criminal. That night she goes to dinner and is complemented by everyone in the restaurant.
** A couple defends each other from an armed attack by relying on their church marriage training that taught them how to work as an armed team.
** Carmakers would include a built-in holster for car carry.
** U-Hunt/ we-clean-and-cook restaurants would spread across the US.
** Insurance companies would offer lower rates to families with firearms and training.
** Couples going out on a date would decide which of them will carry that night.

What would local politicians do tomorrow if they really valued self-defense?
— Fines paid by violent criminals would help pay for subsidized self-defense courses.
— Unarmed citizens would pay an additional tax to support gun ranges.
— Disarmed adults would be denied access to remote sections of public lands unless accompanied by a gun owner.
— I talked about private schools arming their staff in part 2 of this series. If self-defense were a virtue, then a local school board would require public school employees to go armed three days a week while on campus.

What should we do? I’ve given suggestions for employers, employees, and for stay at home parents. I made suggestions for priests and parishioners, for teachers and students. Those are my ideas, but you have your own ideas that fit your life.

I’ve also shown that most politicians only give lip service to armed self-defense. They barely tolerate it and never advocate for it. That means you have to ask pointed questions when you meet with your PTA, your school principal or your priest. You have to meet with your city council, your police chief and your other representatives. Take the time to talk with them. That is a start.

What would you do if self-defense were a virtue? At least you’d register to vote.


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