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News Clash

MUSLIM ‘FOREIGN POLICY ANALYST’: Blames Cruz, Carson and Trump for Murder

She’s blaming them for murder that hasn’t even happened. Wow.

On CNN Monday, “foreign policy analyst” Rula Jebreal said that Ben Carson, Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) would have “blood on their hands” if someone shot people at a mosque.

“Foreign policy analyst” – this is a media-speak euphemism for Muslim bullies and Islamic supremacist thugs who mean to impose the sharia (do not criticize Islam) by wrecking ball.

In Muslim countries, if you say anything that violates sharia blasphemy law, you are assassinated. In the West, the running dogs in the media assassinate your good name, your good character.

This pre-emptive charge that these three candidates will have blood on their hands is a perfect case in point. This is evil. Jebreal is calling brave truth tellers murderers for telling the truth. But this is the sharia — make no mistake. Under Islamic law (sharia) you cannot criticize or insult Islam under penalty of death, even if what you say is true.

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