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MYSTIFYING AND DANGEROUS: Is The Trump Obsession Taking Over America?

OK, enough is enough! I can’t take it anymore. I don’t get it. What is wrong with America? More importantly what is wrong with conservative America? Has everyone lost their minds? Are liberals weighing in on Republican polls? What in the world is going on? Why are conservatives so awe struck with Donald Trump? I’ll say it again. I don’t get it!

Let me start by saying that I’ve watched both Republican debates now, and it is clear that the media has made its choice. That should be a HUGE clue to all true conservatives to run the other way. I mean, WOW, this last debate made me want to gouge my eyes out. I have NEVER seen anything like it. Every single question related to Trump somehow. Even if the questions were asked to another candidate, they were related to something Mr. Trump had said about that candidate, thus shining the spotlight back on him and giving him more opportunities to vomit on, er, uh, I mean speak to the American public.

Is America headed for a recession?

It was the most poorly run debate I have ever seen from the stand point of providing deeper insight to the American public about the candidates and their policies. Massive amounts of time went by without several of the candidates ever even having a question directed their way or the camera shined on their faces. Now if you are interested in turning debates into reality TV, then it was the best debate in the history of televised debates. Seriously, I am sure everyone else saw the same thing I did. It was horrific.

As for Donald Trump, every time he opens his mouth he is rude, crude, and not at all becoming of an American president. His policies shift with the wind. Oh, yes, now he’s a big second amendment rights guy is he? Oh, and he’s changed his mind on pro-life issues, too. Not that he’s got that one right yet either. Then there was the comment about not ever eating Oreo’s again since the company moved to Mexico. What? Why would he slam a company which was forced to do what all good businesses would do? They would go to where their businesses can prosper the best. He instead should have jumped all over government regulations and over taxation.

Seriously, I know little to nothing about politics and even less about business and even I knew that this was an incredible opportunity for this business man to shine. He should have been able to respond to that issue better than anyone in the field. I could go on and on, but I think you get the point.

PLEASE, America!!! Please wake up!!!! If we vote Donald Trump in as our Republican candidate then I’m afraid we deserve every year of Hillary Clinton that we get.

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Karen Serna

Karen Serna is a wife and homeschooling mom with two children. She holds a degree in Chemistry with a minor in Math from Angelo State University. In addition, she is a certified secondary educator. Prior to having children, Karen worked for Texas State University-San Marcos as an analytical chemist and industrial hygienist for over twelve years. Her passion lies in seeing a generation of Americans once again embrace true freedom.

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