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NEXT DEMAND OF CHRISTIANS: Embrace ‘Transgenders’ in the Church

Persecution of American Christians increases every day, with autotheists now pressuring the Church to embrace “transgenders” and other sodomites. And this increased persecution makes it the perfect time for Christians to remember they have a duty to hate and fight evil.

Last year I wrote a column for ClashDaily on how the York Daily Record assisted a sodomite in going after a Pennsylvania church for revoking his membership even as it offered to allow him to continue attending services. That wasn’t a unique instance.

A few weeks ago the Daily Camera (a Colorado news outlet) did something similar by advocating for a man pretending to be a woman. The Colorado church the sodomite attends allegedly is allowing him to continue attending services but has advised him he cannot participate in events designed for women.

The Daily Camera story (if accurate) indicates there might be some severe theological problems with the church mentioned in its story, but the Camera doesn’t focus on that. Rather, like the YDR story, the Camera angle is that Christians are a bunch of intolerant bigots for refusing to denounce God in favor of the autotheistic tenet of sodomy.

And Americans should expect such attacks to escalate. The fight for “LGBTQI rights” and “marriage equality” has never been about rights or equality but has instead always been part of the larger autotheistic war against God and Christians.

But what’s worse is that the American Church seems to have no ability to fight back. Christians all too often seem willing to allow our enemies to walk all over us and force us into retreat. Simply put, sodomites passionately want to win and have said they will conquer the Church, all the while we seem unwilling even to acknowledge their war.

I’m not denying there are times when Christians defend other Christians. I remember that people have raised funds for Christian businesses attacked by sodomites, and I am aware of the support some Christians have given to Kim Davis. But defending is not the same as counterattacking. That is to say, I don’t see a sustained, organized effort to defeat and conquer the sodomites and other autotheists. I don’t know of Christians who have a mindset that says, “We are going to conquer you.”

Part of this tendency towards timidity comes from the modern American Christian belief that we are never to hate. Not only does this effectively prevent us from fighting back, but it actually is an unbiblical position to hold. Those who are interested in what I mean by this can research the Bible and find many instances of believers being instructed to hate evildoers—not just evil deeds. And unless America Christians are willing to embrace hatred against evildoers (where appropriate), we will never be able to stop our extinction or keep our children from falling into the clutches of sodomites and other autotheists.

There truly is a time for hatred. And if Jesus can instruct Christians to hate even their mother and father if they are to follow Him, then certainly American Christians can start hating and fighting back against those who actively war against us. If we don’t, then we should at least have the integrity to end the façade that we oppose evil, and we should outright announce that we surrender the Church to “transgenders” and sodomites, and the rest of the wicked.


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Paul Hair

Paul Hair is an author and national security/intelligence expert. He writes fiction and nonfiction under his own name and as a ghostwriter. He provides his national security and intelligence insight as a freelance consultant. Connect with him at Contact him at if you are interested in his professional services.

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