NORTH KOREA, CHINA & CUBA: Does America’s Negligence Make Us the Worst of All?

Written by Larry Usoff on September 21, 2015

You’re walking into a movie theater with some friends and all of a sudden you’re confronted by a man brandishing a gun. For a split second you think it can’t be happening to you, but then the bullets strike you and your heart explodes and you die. You don’t see that several others in the theater also are shot, some killed and some wounded. It’s pandemonium and the shooter is eventually subdued, and the police arrive along with first responders – but you don’t know anything about that because you’re dead.

In the ensuing frantic moments following the shooting, everybody forms an opinion and some even voice that opinion. It was a lone wolf attack; He’s a foreigner; he’s Al-Qaeda; he’s ISIS; he must have come in with the refugees from; and you can fill in the blanks on that one.

The point made here is that it doesn’t matter what you want to call the bad guys, and some women – they have the very same goal in mind: the terrorization of America, through acts of violence like the one described here.

There are so many heads to this Medusa-like monster that killing the monster itself may be a long-term battle. It’s simply not enough to kill one head at a time because two grow back in its place. Small, surgical air strikes may be the administration’s preferred method of waging war, but that’s not going to cut it. It doesn’t necessarily mean we have to put troops on hostile soil because we can surveille with drones – they’re not just for killing. However, once a drone, or human intelligence, tells us where there’s a concentration of the bad guys, that location needs to be bombed until it’s nothing but broken rubble and sand.

General Curtis LeMay of the Air Force once said that the enemy should be bombed back to the Stone Age, and that may be the one strategy that would work. Yes, there are going to be innocent civilians killed, as there were in World War 2 – but it was the round-the-clock bombing by air forces that eventually brought Germany to its knees. The 8th Air Force lost a tremendous amount of men during that offensive, but with the technology that we have today I believe that aircrew losses would be much less, if any, than during that period.

Now, lest you think that all the bad guys come from the muddled Middle East, let’s clear that up. North Korea has been a thorn in our side ever since the beginning of the Korean War in the 1950s and then there was North Vietnam in the 1970s. Those were avowed enemies – but what about our friends? During WW2 China was a strong ally of ours against the Japanese and now we see them as a potential enemy, with them flexing their muscles now and then. Russia, also a friend during that same era, began to move away from being our friend right after the war ended and now it is also flexing its muscles. Even Cuba, 90 miles off the coast of Florida, is now an open country to us, even though nothing has changed there as far as the government’s policies.

Now then, you ask yourself, Which is the worst out of these countries? I suggest that we, the United States, might be the worst since we have caved in, fumbled the ball, became ostrich-like with our head in the sand – use whatever cliché suits you. We went from being the most powerful, the most feared, the most respected, to something very much like a declining power, headed into the trash heap of history. In my book that makes us the worst. For those of you that are of a certain age, and may have served in the armed forces of this country when it counted for something, you could be calling me all sorts of names right now – and I wouldn’t blame

Sometimes the truth, unvarnished and transparent, can hurt – although you’ll never get that sort of information from this administration, or any administration. The standard excuse is that the public would be frightened if they knew everything the government knew. There would be panic in the streets. Anarchy would take over.

All of that may be true but it strikes me that we don’t know much of the government’s secrets and we’re still scared! Which is the worst in that case – the public that, by and large doesn’t know and doesn’t care, or the government who does know – but still doesn’t care?

Yeah, this is rambling, but sometimes during a ramble a glint of truth may pop out. If something here piques your curiosity it’s incumbent on you to look into it and see if there’s any truth to what is being said, or if it’s just one guy’s ranting –which it might be. Much information is spewed out every day and you should know which is true and which is not.

I leave you with the question: “Which Is The Worst”?

Larry Usoff, US Navy Retired;


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