NOW SHE’S SORRY: Hillary APOLOGIZES For Lying To Our Face Over EmailGate

Published on September 8, 2015

Maybe she apologized because she finally realized that she has no chances at the presidency whatsoever? Or maybe she has realized that a bigger scandal is about to drop and the crap is really going to hit the fan?

Democratic presdiential front-runner Hillary Clinton offered her first direct apology on Tuesday for launching a series of federal investigations and risking the exposure of national secrets by setting up a private email server in her home for her use as secretary of state.

‘That was a mistake. I’m sorry about that. I take responsibility,’ Clinton told ABC News anchor David Muir in an interview Tuesday.

That song is a far cry from the one she offered on Friday, when she balked twice at the chance to apologize during a sit-down with MSNBC journalist Andrew Mitchell.

In that interview, she said only that she was ‘sorry that this has been confusing to people.’

She also projected an air of confidence and suggested that her story wouldn’t change. Four days later, it has.

‘I feel that I have questions to answer,’ Clinton told Mitchell, ‘which I intend to do at every turn .. about the whole email issue, and keep saying the same thing.’

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