RADICAL MUSLIM: Proves Exactly Why Ben Carson Is Right About Muslims With This Tweet

Written by Thomas Holmes on September 23, 2015

By Thomas Holmes

It must be getting really frustrating for the leftist narrative pushers to keep the whack jobs they depend on quiet. Once again, someone opened their mouth and spoke the truth and completely obliterated leftist logic. Unlike Republican presidential candidate and walking American Dream story, Dr. Ben Carson’s September 20th assertion that Muslims shouldn’t be president, this time the truth came from a straight up radical Muslim, Anjem Choudary (well, “radical” by American standards, perfectly normal by Islamic standards).

I guess Anjem didn’t get the memo that when he accurately describes Muslim ideals it makes it really difficult for progressive Americans to weep and wail over the mean old criticism all those racist Americans like, um, Ben Carson launch against the innocent third world radicals. It makes it really difficult for America to progress to Shariah Law.

America is racing at mock speed to a cultural and Constitutional “come to Allah” meeting with itself over the direct opposition between Islam and Shariah Law and Constitutional America. America may include the freedom to practice your religion but when doing so means the destruction of the democratic principles that enabled that freedom in favor an oppressive, One Religion, regime it will literally destroy America in everything but Her name. Dr. Carson also called out the Left’s attempts to disguise the issue as politically correct “religion hating” when the true problem is that, like Communism before it, Islam is diametrically opposed to freedom and America.

Evidentially, Dr. Carson is the only public figure willing to shine a light on the contradiction of a Muslim holding democratic office. Governor Bobby Jindal stated earlier this week that he would support a Muslim president with a few key qualifications like swearing an oath to protect American principles and destroying ISIS, among others. That’s all well and good on principle but a Muslim who follows all the principles of Mohammad and the Koran (basically a radical Muslim) will verbally swear to anything if it gives them greater ability to fulfill Islamic ideology. Last I checked it included this:

Anjem Choudary’s tweet- isn’t it fascinating how oppressors have no issues using the achievements of the free market and open communication to declare the superiority of oppression- was actually posted back on July 21, exactly two months before Dr. Carson’s statement, which makes the good doctor’s position seem like a perfectly justifiable response.

Something tells me you won’t be seeing that context on the nightly news.

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