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REFUGEES IN AMERICA? Trump’s Response to the Reporter is Perfect

Donald Trump knows exactly how he would react as President to the Syrian refugee crisis. Thank God at least one of these presidential candidates is seeing this issue clearly.

Europe is flooded with millions of Muslim refugees from Syria fleeing ISIS, and countries like France, Italy, and Poland are struggling to figure out how to respond to the hordes of refugees arriving by train and even on foot. Germany made headlines by opening its doors to 600,000 of them.

The results haven’t been pleasant, to say the least. In Budapest, refugees are rioting in the streets, chanting “f*ck you” and “allahu akbar.” At the Italy-Austria border, reports surfaced of refugees ripping an elderly woman from her car in an attempt to steal it. What lovely houseguests!

So now the focus has shifted to the United States, because we’re the country the rest of the world loves to hate…until they need our help.

FOX News asked Donald Trump whether the United States should get involved, and you are absolutely going to love his answer. Watch the video below and see Trump’s response for yourself.

Well, there’s some much-needed directness that our country hasn’t seen in approximately seven years.

“We have to straighten out our own problems,” Trump said. From a “humanitarian standpoint, I’d love to help, but we have our own problems!”

Amen, Donald! We’ve got our own immigrant crisis, to the tune of 30 million illegal aliens who tap danced across our border, and I don’t see Europe lining up to help us with that situation. Oh, and we’ve got street rioting covered, too, thanks to the #BlackLivesMatter crowd.

Why does the burden always fall on us, anyways? “Tremendously wealthy” Arab Gulf states like Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and Qatar “aren’t taking anybody,” Trump points out, and incredulously asks, “We’re supposed to take?”

Finally, after 2 terms of listening to Obama apologize for America and pander to illegals, here is someone who believes in putting our issues and our citizens first. How refreshing is that?

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Rad Magnum

Rad Magnum- Is a libertarian conservative who writes brilliant articles, and is really great on TV, radio and the internet too. You’ll love him. Rad dislikes taxes; big government; obnoxious and mannish looking lesbians, the “global warming” myth; bad food; weak coffee; the Nanny State; etc.

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