SO GAY: Michael Sam Can’t Stop Whining, But the NFL’s Moved On

Written by Thomas Holmes on September 28, 2015

By Thomas Holmes

Just when you thought it was safe to enjoy football again, Michael Sam, um….comes out… to talk on the Dan Patrick radio show about how he deserves a pro career even though he already crapped out with two teams. The difference, of course between Michael Sam- former Dallas Cowboy practice squad member- and all the other failed draft picks and free agents is that Michael Sam made a big hullabaloo about being gay just before draft day

During the segment Michael Sam flip flops over whether his experience as being the first openly gay drafted football player contributed to his being cut by the St. Louis Rams and later the Cowboys.

“It would have been better if I didn’t come out.” Sam at first tells Patrick when asked if it affected his chances of still being in the NFL. But, Sam later lets the Rams off the old discrimination hook when he seemingly contradicts himself and admits “coming out didn’t hurt my play”. Sam even shares that many gay and “normal” athletes sent him encouraging wishes during draft day.

Well Mike, I hate to breakdown the math for you, but if all that’s true then I guess the only reason you’re not in the NFL is because you’re actually…




Call me homophobic, but I just don’t see how a not-that-good ex-football player merits an interview on a big sports radio show and deserves any special encouragement above and beyond anyone else. Oh yeah, I forgot. The Rainbow Nazi’s are never going to let any public member of gay community deal with actual meritocracy while there’s important cultural land to steal in the name of “equality”.

Look, I have no objection to Michael Sam having dreams. He says he’s pursuing a Master’s degree and is still carrying a torch for making the NFL someday. I think it’s great. But for Sam to insinuate that the NFL and its fans owe him something extra because things should have been different for him last go around isn’t equality it’s just selfish.

Of course, Sam’s perspective does fit a gay agenda determined to thrust the narrative of how homosexuals must be respected to the point of feared or appeased just a little more than everyone else to make up for lost time. Poor Sammy. Maybe he never saw the clash between his propaganda infused expectation and cold hard reality coming and he’s still in denial?

Let’s put some… ahem…straight facts into this conversation:

  • Michael Sam was a 7th Round draft pick out of 7 rounds.
  • He was not highly touted because at 6’2″ he’s undersized for the NFL.
  • Those projections proved accurate when he failed to even make it out of the Rams training camp and then barely stayed long enough in Dallas for a cup of coffee.

There’s nothing wrong with that career at all. I know a few million guys sitting on barstools right now who would kill for that experience. But if Michael Sam actually thinks that his play was so affected by coming out – which last I checked wasn’t the NFL’s orchestration- than he’s correct when he seemingly backtracked in the radio interview about the NFL and his failures.

He has no one to blame for his past or cast his expectations for the future on but himself.

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